Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looking for Advice

My little beauty hides a dirty little secret. With nearly every bowel movement we have a blowout. Usually up the back. And its not necessary diarrhea. It just always shoots up that way. Sometimes up the back AND the front. I'm changing her and washing her clothes constantly. We have a spare car seat cover that I've had to change frequently too. I've had two boys -- one of whom had serious digestive issues -- but I've never encountered this before. Sure, we had our share of blowouts -- always at the most inopportune times, as blowouts by definition tend to be -- but this is different. And very frustrating. And more than a little disgusting.

Anyway, its not the poop itself that frustrates me. Its that the poop is everywhere, all the time. So I wondered, is this more common with girls or something? I mean, things are a little different down there. Or is it related to her, um, chunkiness? Or does she just have uncommonly, shall we say, strong, um, movements? I don't know. But since she's not going to be potty trained...or even having more solid movements, for some time now, I'm wondering if anyone has found anything that works to contain said movements. We nearly always layer in a onesie because that at least keeps it in her clothes (EW!) and not on the person holding her, per se. But that requires peeling off a poopy onesie every time (again EW!). We've tried fastening her diaper (disposable) in different ways and even different kinds of diapers, but its always the same. Diaper covers (like the kind that come with dresses) and shorts/pants with wide elastic waistbands don't help.

So, anyone have any creative ideas? We would ALL be so grateful!

(And, yes, I just finished changing one. And changing the car seat. Again. Hence this post.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Swingin' Good Time

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Its Just Not Right have a social worker come visit your home when you just brought home a baby a month ago!

I mean, seriously. But adoption requires post-placement visits/reports, the first being 3 months after you take custody...then at 6 months, then at a year, then each year until the child turns 18. The hitch the first time around is that a social worker visit is required and the paperwork is due to the agency at 2 months, so it can reach Ethiopia by the 3 month due date. Hence, the social worker visit TODAY. Did I mention that we'll only have three hours advance notice of her arrival?? Yikes.

Not that I'm worried. Its just that our month-long adjustment period had kind of left our house (and yard) in a not-so-cleanly state. But after several long hours -- put in mostly by my wonderful hubby -- he's THE MAN! -- the house may actually be presentable. Now its my job to keep it that way until she shows up. No easy task, people!

If our house has been in a sorry state, the blog has really fallen behind. You'll notice I did finally take down our countdown ticker and update my ever-so-brief profile. Like many blog slackers, I've composed a number of great postings in my head at night, between feedings...but they never come to fruition once daylight hits and the chaos/children takes/take over.

Melat continues to be a happy little trooper -- even despite an ear infection and an antibiotic-requiring diaper rash. Its sort of an extended family joke that you can only tell when she's sad by looking at her face. If you see tears, she's sad, otherwise you'd never know because she just sort of whimpers when she's upset. We know she's hungry when she thrashes around and smacks her lips. We know she's tired when she smears her face on our shoulder. Other than that she loves to smile, roll around, and watch the exciting world that is our family.

We were able to have her dedicated -- along with like a dozen or more babies -- at our mass-baby-producing church on Mother's Day. She still loves to be vocal and so felt the need to try to out-speak our pastor. What a nut. Actually, she tries to do that every Sunday, so we spend a lot of time in the church lobby.

The following week was our second son's 4th birthday -- and Melat's sort of "coming out" to much of our extended family. We love how attached she has become to us...she will go to others, but Mommy and Daddy always have to be in her line of sight. That's a good thing! She had a blast interacting with all her cousins and other family members.

I'm sure there is a lot more to report, but that's going to have to do for now. We're coping well, but still working on controlled chaos as opposed to just chaos. I know I still have to post travel photos, but that's a process that requires much thinking, so its still going to have to wait. I miss all my travelling a three month reunion a little too soon??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love is in the House

So far the question we are asked most is how our little one is adjusting. The answer? She's doing very well. She's a happy chunk of a thing -- pretty content to roll with whatever we've got going on. We're trying to keep things mellow for her, but our life is a little too crazy for that. Plus Mama gets a little stir crazy sometimes. We've walked the mall a few times, hit the playground in the stroller, and made our debut at church, among other things. We've also started rice cereal, which she loves but hasn't figured out how to swallow yet. Its a work in progress!

The rest of us? Well, we're getting there. The biggest issue isn't surprising: sleep. She still wakes 2 or 3 times a night for a bottle and will only nap for short periods of a crowded room. If its too quiet, she can't sleep. We have her in our room, with a nightlight, which is an adjustment in and of itself for us. Our boys spoiled us by sleeping in their own room fairly early on, and were definitely sleeping through the night by this age. Its tough to go to sleep at 9, wake up at 7, and have only gotten 5 or 6 hours of sleep.

The boys are doing fairly well. The eldest was pretty wild our first week back -- his way of coping with change -- then he got sick. Our youngest is being a royal stinker...but he was starting that before we left. He has a will of steal...and he's not afraid to use it!

Really, though, things are going so much better than I hoped. I had really prepared myself for a very difficult time -- you know, worst case scenario -- but we're actually doing okay. I have no doubt that its the prayers of so many people that makes the difference. It was really tough with all the travel and sickness and preparations to miss church as much as we did -- I came back desparate for some quiet time with my Bible.

If nothing else, we are just soo glad to be back. We are being spoiled with meals and prayers and love -- and a baby shower next Wednesday!

I promise to post more about our trip the next time I have a spare moment, which translates to lots of pictures!