Friday, July 3, 2009

The Short of It

Ha! I posted new photos of myself on the blog, then I went and chopped my hair off. Those who have known me a while know that I'm no stranger to short hair. For most of the last 12 years I've had a sort of pixie cut -- in contrast to the first 18 years of my life in which my hair was down to the middle of my back. A year ago I started growing it out, but kids and acne have made it more work than I like, so for that yearly occasion on which I got a year older, I got it cut off again. The gal who cuts my hair talked me out of chopping it all off, though I did have my husband's permission to do so. (He met me when my hair was at its shortest and holds a certain fondness for it at that length.) It is, however, nice and short again. I don't have photos yet -- and I'm not one to take a picture of myself just because -- so those of you in say, Virginia, Maryland, or Wisconsin, will have to wait a bit, but I will try to get something up soon...because I know the status of my hair is your top concern these days!

Your second-most important interest, I'm sure, is my children. Specifically, photos of my children. So let me just satisfy your curiosity with some from our weekend, during which we enjoyed the many outdoor opportunities the great state of Washington has to offer.
On Saturday we got together with my parents and my brother, his wife, and my nephew at a park on the beach, to celebrate that occasion which I alluded to above but shall not mention. Sunday we headed up towards Mt Rainier and spent a few hours playing in the river. (Both of these activities are an hour away, but in opposite directions. Its the best of both worlds, as Hannah would say. And I think its a very good reason for people in Virginia, Maryland, or Wisconsin, for example, to move out here.)
The Beach
My nutty Nugga

This child could live in the ocean, if given the chance.My adorable nephew, CyprianNothing but boysMelat meets the ocean. Well, technically the Puget Sound, but salt water none the less.

The River

Thankfully Melat loves the out-of-doors!My Handsome HubbyI'm happy as long as I have something to chew on! (No teeth yet!)One of my little dam builders, pausing to pose.Crocs are the BEST kid shoe ever!A lovely view!


jody said...

i want to see the hair!!!! and we are still tootheless in virginia over here, too, although not for lack of copious amounts of nasty drool ALL. DAY. LONG. ew.

ps-you would not want to move to WI, it is ALWAYS winter there. always. even in summer. just saying.

Jessica said...

Hey is that Sunnyside Beach in Steilicoom? Its my fav in fact I was there today!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the of our favorite things to do as a family is to go to National parks and hike. We have never been out to that area, but would love to. Being from Louisiana it is a bit to go, but it just looks so beautiful!!

God Made Playdough said...

Did I miss your Birthday??? Horrible friend am I!!!
I want to see your hair! I get to tomorrow! :)
It was nice seeing your hubby tonight, but I'd rather see you (sorry Allan!) :) Looking forward to Tuesday! Love ya!

Dawn said...

ok miss JODY! quit dissin WI!!! it's been rainy SO much in VA - so definitely don't go there. i mean come on.. we have the cheese castle here - hello?! cheese curds, brats, ummm and ME - WI sounds great!

ok, so anyways... yes i want to see the hair! so get to it and post some pics. all the pics you posted are great! i love the family picture!

tscarter7 said...

LOOOOOve the family pic! And happy "occassion that you are not mentioning!" love ya!